When it comes to Cape Town wedding photography, the choice is endless! How lucky we are to be wedding photographers in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Well, we think so anyway.  There are endless myriads of wedding venues, not only in Cape Town, but throughout the Western Cape and beyond its borders.  Who would not WANT to be a wedding photographer here!

We never  imagined ourselves spending most weekends capturing other people’s love stories.

But we soon realized that creating memories was addictive and we decided to take on the title of wedding photographers, making Cape Town wedding photography our full time job.

When the skin wrinkles and grey hairs start to show, we want you to look at your wedding photographs and be transported straight back to that very moment in time.  We want you to laugh and cry.  We want you to recall the scent of your wedding bouquet and feel the way the wind swept through your hair. We want you to taste the saltiness of the tear that trickled down your cheek during the wedding vows.

Then we know your love story is complete.

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Rickety Bridge Winery Wedding

A Rickety Bridge Winery wedding is always a treat. Traditionally weddings in Cape Town are on weekends, so midweek escapes are most welcome!

Elgin River Lodge Wedding

An Elgin River Lodge wedding that very nearly never happened! But my oh my, are we happy that it did! It was nothing short of fabulous!

Ellerman House Wedding

An Ellerman House wedding extravaganza like no other! Excuse us if we are biased, but man we love being wedding photographers in Cape Town!

Rickety Bridge Wedding

Another lovely Rickety Bridge wedding but also a destination wedding for Hannah & Alex.

Franschhoek Destination wedding

An intimate Franschhoek destination wedding like no other! We've been photographing weddings in Cape Town for a number of years, but never ever have the last photos of the day come close to these! You'll have to scroll to the end of the images to see what we mean!

Cape Town destination wedding

This Cape Town destination wedding couldn't have been in a prettier setting. Zevenwacht Estate played host to Lucy and David special day.

Cape Town City Wedding

A Cape Town city wedding at the Centre for the Book is very high up in the pecking order of bucket list places where we love photographing weddings. There's something about shooting in the city centre that really REALLY appeals to us.

Intimate Bon Cap Wedding

This intimate Bon Cap Wedding left us with all the feels! We could not have thought of a nicer couple to have ended off our year with. And at one of our favourite venues too!

Casa Labia Wedding

Finally, a Casa Labia wedding! Oh the little pang of excitement when we got Brittany's enquiry. Our eyes shifted eagerly to the part where we ask couples to fill in their wedding venue. Casa Labia!