Khailda & Sajid’s Colourful Cape Town Wedding

Khalida & Sajid

This colourful Cape Town wedding was the last wedding of our season. What better way to end off than with the bright, festive and colourful celebrations of this Muslim Wedding.

Khalida and Sajid have such a romantic story.  The short version would be: “Boy comes from UK to watch the Soccer World cup in Cape Town.  Boy meets girl.  Boy goes back to UK.  Boy and girl cannot be apart.  Boy comes back to Cape Town.  Boy asks girl to marry him.  Girl says yes.”  And as they say, the rest is history!

And we are the lucky Cape Town wedding photographers who get to document the next chapter in their love story.

Khalida and Sajid’s colourful Cape Town wedding celebrations started off on Friday evening with the engagement.  There was a ‘not so colourful’ beginning to the evening, with Cape Town dishing out some load shedding.    But Khalida and her family took it in their stride and she managed to get done pretty much on time.

Again, Khalida stunned us with her grace and beauty.  Close family and friends popped by to wish her well before the final prayers were said and we left for the Mosque.

After the Nikah ceremony, we went to Khalida’s Gran’s home for the outfit change.Khalida’s dress was stunning and had a real vintage feel.  It was made by a family friend whose daughter beaded it by hand.  She also beaded the shoes.

After a lunchtime reception at Islamia College, we went off on the couple shoot.  As Khalida and Sajid will be settling in the UK, they wanted their shoot to incorporate some of Cape Town’s iconic landmarks.  What better place to do a colourful Cape Town wedding shoot than in the Bo-Kaap?  This area holds so much heritage for a large part of Cape Town’s population and was the perfect backdrop for our shoot.  We ended off on Signal Hill.  It was cold, windy and misty, but the sun made a brief appearance before it set.  The mists lifted a little and even the mountain bade a last good night before we left.

After a short evening reception, we went back to Khalida’s home for the emotional farewells.  We ended the evening off at a guest house where the bangle ceremony took place.

Thank you,  Khalida and Sajid for entrusting us with your special memories.  It was very hard to narrow down the photos for the blog post.  Although you’ll have loads of your family and friends in your final album, this is our little artistic impression of your colourful Cape Town wedding day!  We hope you enjoy  them!


  • Khalida’s niece and nephew.  They are THE cutest little people we’ve met in a long while.  Yes, I know we say that after every wedding – but these guys were REALLY cute!
  • Khalida’s Eyelsashes – REAL ones – just beautiful!
  • Seeing two of my ex pupils who I taught in pre-primary – all grown up now!
  • A beautiful gentle couple.  The kind who do not need to say anything, but who can simply look at each other in a special way for you to feel the love!


  • Shehzaad Mukaddam says:

    Stunning pictures!! 🙂 hope that you two are well! wedding season begins in three months time again, see you then! 🙂

  • khalida says:

    WOW WOW WOW…STUNNING! Absolutely love the pics, thank you for being such amazing photographers 🙂

  • Nafisa Mowzer says:

    Simply Amazing..Beautiful.. Vibrant pics….. Truly talented photographers WOW!!!

  • Yaseen says:

    Looks amazing and vibrant

  • Zaffer Mahtey says:

    Absolutely stunning photo’s which captured an absolutely amazing wedding. Thank you both for capturing such special moments for our families and for the happy couple themselves. They look amazing together and I wish them all of the very best in married life. =D

  • Mariam Sattar says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Andre and Selma, you guys rock!!!! Photos are stunning!!! I love them all, love the way you actually can feel the love and warmth in the pics. You are awesome!!!

  • Beautiful wedding, captured all the emotion.

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