Langverwagt Baby Bump Shoot

Simone & Aden

What a treat it was having Simone & Aden in front of our lenses again for their Langverwagt Baby Bump Shoot.  We documented these two lovelies’ wedding in 2017.  Hunter was only little baby then.  We remember him being on his dad’s hip when the guys were getting ready and thinking what a cutie he was.  And now he is a gorgeous, inquisitive little boy, and the absolute splitting image of his dad.

Soon Hunter is going to be a big brother to a baby sister who will be making her appearance in the next few days.  Simone & Aden stay just around the corner so choosing Langverwagt for their baby bump shoot was perfect.  Thank you so much to the Le Roux family for making their beautiful property available to us.

Simone is such a pleasure to photograph.  She was a real trooper too, as she’d already gone into false labour a few days before, and was still feeling rather uncomfy.

She was absolutely radiant though, and looking gorgeous!  Simone & Aden are still as much in love as they were on their wedding day, and they look really good in front of the camera!  Hunter had a great time picking up feathers and exploring all the beautiful corners of the lovely garden at Langverwagt.

We had a really wonderful afternoon photographing these three (nearly 4.)  The gardens at Langverwagt are so beautifully tended and it’s really a magical place to shoot in.

Simone and Aden, thank you so much for giving us the wonderful opportunity of documenting this next chapter in your lives.  We so enjoyed our Langverwagt baby bump shoot with you.  Tons of love for the next few weeks!  We are so looking forward to our next shoot together!

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