Langverwagt Wedding

Alice & Michael

A Langverwagt wedding!  Oh the bliss!  There’s something magical about this place.  Not sure if it’s the lovely Juria who literally is a breath of fresh air and calmness personified or the fairy tale gardens, or just the darn awesome people we get to photograph there.  If you ask me, I think it’s probably a combination of all three!

So here we found ourselves back at the beautiful Langverwagt wedding venue after some time.  And  to photograph the sweetest couple.  We first met Alice and Michael at our local little coffee shop.  They both have such a gentle nature and they complement each other just perfectly.

We did not capture any of the getting ready moments, but believe me, starting at the ceremony, there was just so much love and energy that we probably ended up taking the same amount of images than we would have for a full wedding!  It was one of those days, where no matter which way you looked, there was some precious little interaction happening.  Some weddings just seem to ooze moments, and Alice and Michael’s Langverwagt wedding was certainly one of those!

The ceremony took place out in the garden.  Such a beautiful peaceful spot to say your  “I do’s.”  One thing we always advise our couples to do after the ceremony is spend time with their guests.  Nothing worse than walking down the aisle only to be whisked off by your photographer for the couple shoot and missing out on all the canapes and bubbly!  Alice & Michael took time to mingle, and quite honestly if it’s real, unscripted moments you are after, this is one of the best times for your photographer to capture these!

The reception venue at Langverwagt is just beautiful.  It’s such a romantic setting for a celebration of love!

Alice & Michael, thank you so much for trusting us with your precious memories and for  making us a part of your beautiful intimate Langverwagt wedding.  We loved every minute!


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