Silvermine Engagement Photo Shoot

Lizzy & Shil


We’d been planning Lizzy and Shil’s Silvermine engagement photo shoot for ages.  And on the day, it nearly did not happen!  Cape Town has so many places with the name “Silver” in, and coming from the UK, one is not exactly familiar with all of the areas.  And so it was that the GPS took Lizzy and Shil in the completely opposite direction to Silvermine Reserve itself!  And while we were up there waiting for them, there was no cellphone signal, so we were not getting their messages.  We finally decided to head down to the gate to see if we could not spot them along the way and also to pick up signal.  Just as we got to the bottom, they were turning in, and we spotted each other!  Thank goodness!

Lizzy and Shil are all the way from the UK.  They fell in love with Dieu Donne vineyards whilst in SA last year, and decided that they wanted to have their destination wedding there with close family and friends.

For their engagement shoot they wanted a backdrop that would show off some of the Cape’s beautiful scenery.

There were a few options, but the two of them decided that they would like a Silvermine engagement photo shoot.

It was the most gorgeous day in Cape Town.  The water in the reservoir looked so inviting!  There were loads of times we all said we wished we could just jump in right now!  What a beautiful place Silvermine is.  We took a lovely stroll along the edge of the reservoir getting to know Lizzy and Shil a little better.  We’d spoken on Skype before, but never met.  Couples always say “We’re so glad we did the engagement shoot as it’s put as at ease for the wedding day.”  And believe me, we feel exactly the same.  We’re just as nervous as you, and you can imagine – you go home afterwards, but we have the added pressure of giving you beautiful images!

How lovely to meet you both, Lizzy and Shil!  What a lovely couple you are!  We’re so excited for your Indian, English, South African wedding next month!   It was great having you in front of our lenses for your Silvermine engagement photo shoot!  See you soon!

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