Stellenbosch Autumn Wedding

Naazia & MQ

Naazia & MQ’s Stellenbosch Autumn wedding was such a treat to photograph.  A whole weekend of celebrations for these two families!  It all started on Friday evening with the mehndi night.  This saw the exchange of gifts and gorgeous jewelry.  Think exotic foods and sweet treats,  Indian music, dancing and a whole lot of festivity.  Naazia looked absolutely exquisite n her golden brocaded outfit.  We loved all of the blingy accessories too.

We’ve been photographing Naazia’s extended families weddings for just over 10 years now.  And man, all we can say is that we are so fortunate to have met all of these lovely people along the way.

Naazia & MQ’s Stellenbosch Autumn wedding day started off with a beautiful Nikkah ceremony in the mosque.  There were special moments, especially for MQ, as the gentleman performing the ceremony has had ties with the family since MQ was a little boy and used to attend mosque with his parents.

After the Nikkah ceremony we accompanied Naazia to her Aunt’s home, where she changed into her evening outfit and had her hair and make-up done.

Again, she looked absolutely exquisite.  We loved the look on MQ’s face when he came to collect her from her home.

We did Naazia and MQ’s couple shoot at Asara just outside Stellenbosch.  The weather was perfect, and we loved all of the Autumn colours on display.  It really is a very pretty time of year to get married and such a pretty backdrop for our gorgeous couple.

The evening reception was held in the Stellenbosch town hall.  What a lovely building with such an old world charm.  And also big enough to accommodate Naazia & MQ’s rather large guest list!

Naazia & MQ, thank you for trusting us with your special memories.  We hope that you can relive all of the moments of your beautiful Stellenbosch Autumn wedding through our images.



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