Stellenbosch Hudsons Destination Wedding

Caitlin & Jon

Another Stellenbosch Hudsons destination wedding!   It’s always such a pleasure shooting at this lovely venue.  We’re always amazed at the efficiency of this family run business.  They certainly have the knack of making a couple’s vision for their wedding day a reality.

And the setting is so perfect.  I mean they have garden one can only dream of!  Time and time again, we over hear, especially the overseas guests commenting on how beautiful it is.   You sneakily watch them  taking selfies on the  manicured lawns with views of the mountains over the lake, and wish you were there on the other side with a glass of bubbly in hand just chilling at someone’s wedding too.  And we’ve decided to make it our mission this summer that when we have a day off, we too want to book for one of their lovely picnics.

Enough about the venue though.   Let’s move on to Caitlin & Jon.  Caitlin is a South African girl, whose heart was stolen by a boy from the UK.

I think when Caitlin’s folks were summoned over to the UK to meet the boyfriend, they knew Jon was probably the one!  We loved Caitlin’s dad’s speech painting the image of their first meeting.

Caitlin and Jon decided to have a Stellenbosch Hudsons destination wedding.  It’s always such a treat for overseas family and friends, and destination weddings are becoming more and more of a trend.  We met up with these two for a cup of coffee a few months ago when they were out in South Africa for a bit.  It’s very clear that they complete each other.  There’s a whole lot of loving there for sure!  And it’s so nice being in the presence of couples who interact as if there’s no camera, and it’s just the two of them.  It makes our job a breeze!

Caitlin & Jon, thank you so much for choosing us to document your Stellenbosch Hudsons wedding.  We hope these images keep the memories alive for many years to come!



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