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Tourism Photography in Cape Town is becoming quite a thing these days.  We’ve received many enquiries to photograph people whilst on holiday in Cape Town.  We’re total travel junkies ourselves, so meeting people from across the globe and doing what we love most is pretty awesome!

Someone else who is pretty awesome is Camissa Travel and Marketing.  This was the third shoot we did for them.  Previously, we documented a Gospel Tour as well as a Robben Island trip.  This time it was an Eco Train trip to Langa.  Samantha was our knowledgeable and professional guide, assisted by Viera, who himself is a resident of Langa.  We were joined by a lovely Dutch family who are staying in South Africa for a while, along with Samantha’s little boy and her niece.

Our trip started off on Cape Town station, Platform 19.  Langa bound, we hopped onto a third class coach – something  I have not done since my student days!  We met a few interesting characters along the way.


On disembarking at Langa station, we were really impressed by the great infrastructure in place.  It could have been anywhere in the world.   Having travelled to India recently, and seeing some pretty grimy train stations, this was really first class!  The area around the station is undergoing a facelift too, and already a lovely mall has been built.


We wondered down past some of the spaza shops, as well as a lovely day care centre and a bed and breakfast.  Although not able to enter, we peered through the fence to see one of the sustainability projects run by a group of energetic Langa ladies.  Growing fresh produce, and supplying daily home cooked meals to the elderly.  And this, on a vacant piece of land, that literally used to be a rubbish tip.  What a wonderful initiative.


Loved all the scenes we passed along the way, especially the colourful shop fronts and graffiti.


We made our way past a little sidewalk curio shop and some shopping was done!


Our next stop was a visit to Viera’s home in one of the original hostels.  The space they share is very modest.  Viera, here’s hoping that your name moves up really quickly on the waiting list, and that you will have a home of your own soon!  Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your daily life.


From the hostels we made our way along one of the busy main roads lined with all kinds of industries – from plumbing shops to hair salons, street food, to curers of bad luck.


Our tour ended at Nomzamo’s Butchery where we were treated to a lovely meal.  All meat is freshly cooked  in huge fire places at the back.  Samantha brought along a green salad and the most amazing chakalaka I have ever tasted.  All served with traditional ‘pap.’

Thank you Camissa Travel & Marketing for the opportunity of this fantastic tourism photography project.  We have really enjoyed working with you!

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  • Marcelle Ohlsson says:

    What a lovely story after all the negativity in our beautiful land. Well done Selma and André. Love the photos!!!

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