12 Apostles Hotel Wedding

Nasiha & Rudolf

This 12 Apostles Hotel wedding could have been any more perfect!  Cape Town dished up the most glorious summers day.  As if this was not enough she threw in a spectacular sunset too!  Add to that a world class setting and a wedding planner who promotes the idea of a sunset shoot.  But the real stars of the day were Naisha & Rudolf; THE cutest couple ever!  And where does that leave us?  It leaves us as HAPPY photographers indeed!

When we first met Nasiha & Rudolf, you could see they were head over heels in love!  In other words 100 percent love struck!  These two will be together when grey hair shows, that’s for SURE!  And  Nasiha & Rudolf’s 12 Apostles Hotel wedding was just the beginning of a whole lifetime together!

It’s fabulous for photographers when everything happens at one venue.  No precious photo time wasted driving around to different locations.

Both Nasiha & Rudolf got ready at the 12 Apostles Hotel.  The ceremony was out on the lawn, photos on site and the reception in the beautiful function space overlooking the ocean.

We entered the reception quite early, but the best treat of all was being able to go out again at sunset to do the second part of the couple shoot.  And man oh man, people, look, this is what you are missing out on when you are eating your meal or having your speeches when the light is pretty darn spectacular!

Nasiha & Rudolf, where do we even begin to say thank you for choosing us as your photographers?  Your 12 Apostles Hotel  wedding was one of those that left us on a high for the rest of the weekend!

To many more fun days, pink sunsets and happy smiles!



  • Rudolf Stander says:

    Thank you for making our wedding shoot fun, exciting and absolutely amazing. It was a great experience from the start of the day till the very last moments. All the times we sneaked off to take some photos made the entire day even more fun. And you perfectly caught all the moments (and emotions) that Nasiha and I shared.

    Thanks for all the effort on the wedding day and all the editing hours thereafter. We appreciate it, lots!

    It truly wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    • Awwwhhh thank you Rudolf. How lovely to know that our work is appreciated. But when we get to shoot with amazing couples like you, it does not EVEN feel like work! ♥

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