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Hi from Cape Town wedding photographers Andre & Selma!

If you’re looking for a creative, energetic duo to photograph the magic of your wedding day, we could be the right match for you.


Being wedding photographers in Cape Town for a number of years already, we’d like to think we’ve mastered the technical paraphernalia along the way.  However, it’s  the laughter and the tears; the gentle interactions and the crazy dance moves that keep us coming back for more.  Each wedding day we photograph tells a story unique to the couple.  No two weddings are the same, and no moments can ever be repeated.  That’s a big deal, and sometimes we need to pinch ourselves when we realize that WE get to be a part of it all!

Although most of our wedding photography happens in the greater Cape Town area,  our love for visual story telling has taken us to all corners of South Africa as well as beyond its borders. Nowhere is too far!  We’re not only wedding photographers, we also cover a variety of other genres.  Follow the links for a glimpse of what we get up to:  Lifestyle, Travel, Interior & Architecture or Corporate.

If you are getting married in Cape Town, or anywhere for that matter, drop us a line.  We’d love to create memories with you!

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Oh wow! Selma and Andre, these photographs have just blown us away! We can’t thank you enough for these stunning images of a week that was so very special to us. We also want to share that rather than adding any stress or distracting from proceedings, we found you both to be a calming presence. We really appreciated how you integrated so smoothly and discreetly with our guests – you really did become part of us.
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We had one request: Please capture those rare moments - And that is exactly what they did! On our day, Selma and André were so much fun to work with. They were incredibly patient with us - as not everything goes as planned on a wedding day. André and Selma's humour really helped with the bride's nerves on the day! Selma and Andre are so easy to get along with - our guests loved them, and they felt like guests at our wedding - they naturally fitted in. The end results are pure perfection! We have never seen more beautiful photography in our lives! Thank you so much Selma and André! We love your kind & fun nature and your work - and thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime!
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To the Greatest Photography Duo out there...Selma & Andre :) It has been almost a decade since we first met.. Your energetic characters, professional work ethic and marvellous pictures have always exceeded our expectations! You have time-and-time again proven that you would go to the ends of the world to capture the perfect and authentic moments. Here's to many more years of having you by our side through all the future weddings, engagements, baby shoots and family portraits!
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Andre & Selma captured our day beautifully with the perfect light, colours and composition. All the emotions show on the photos. Truly a friendly couple that works well together to make you feel comfortable. Like we would say in afrikaans 'mense mense' ;) Professional with professional product delivery but they can easy become part of the family on the day.
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This is the team you want at your wedding! They are efficient, passionate, lively and committed to making your experience as stress-free as possible. They rolled with the punches as the day's hurdles came at us. They were good humoured about everything and so patient with my family and friends!! If you want an awesome shoot this is your team!