Bakenhof Wedding

Gingi & Jabulani

Our very first Bakenhof Wedding, and what an introduction it was! Think fabulous architecture, views for days and a couple to die for! Throw in a bunch of amazing service providers who transformed the space into something beautiful for Gingi & Jabulani, and you have a winning recipe.

Bakenhof Wedding venue is situated just outside Wellington. What a wonderful setting with views over the vineyards and mountains, no matter which direction you look in. It’s one of those amazing one stop wedding venues that offers not only a wedding chapel, but accommodation options too.

Moving on to the gorgeous couple. Our day started off with Jabulani. We loved his refreshingly different wedding attire. Not often you get to see such swag, in the form of a leather waistcoat and bow tie. Other wonderful additions were his engraved belt and personalized cuff links.

Gingi had some special treats up her sleeve too. She basically had 3 wedding outfits. One was her traditional attire that she wore to her labola party. This made an appearance towards the end of the reception, but we got to do some shots of her in it before she put on her wedding dress. Next up was her wedding gown for the ceremony, and finally her evening reception dress. Gingi also made history in our books. We’ve shot close on 500 weddings, and never ever have we had a bride confident enough to go completely au natural, without even a stitch of make up. HUGE respect! And who needs make-up when your beautiful smile and bubbly personality shine through like Gingi’s does?

What a treat photographing Gingi & Jabulani during their couple shoot session. Very little direction was needed from our side. They were total naturals! Let’s not forget to mention the wonderful reception. What super energy and vibes filled with moments of joy!

Thank you Gingi & Jabulani for trusting us with your most precious day. We loved every minute of your Bakenhof wedding.

Who made Gingi & Jabulani’s Bakenhof wedding day possible?

Bride’s Dress:  Janita Toerien

Waist coat & Bow tie:  Kale & CoWeef

Belt:  Woodheads

Lighting:  Baie Goeters

Florals & decor:  My Pretty Vintage

Stationery:  Sulit Design

Cake:  Kanya Hunt

Musicians:  Zest music

DJ & Sound:  Baha Entertainment

Videography:  25 Weddings

Wedding Planning & Co-ordination:  Trunk Events

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  • Motlalepule Maswanganye says:

    Beautiful wow 😍😍😍💖

  • Lee says:

    Absolutely stunning photos as always Selma and Andre.

  • Ntsako Valoyi says:

    I’m in tears at how beautiful this day was…excellent work!!

  • Sydwell Maswanganye says:

    Beautiful and lovely memories to be remembered. We really enjoyed ourselves, it felt like we were in heaven

  • Lerato Nkadimeng says:

    Wow This is beautiful!! Thank you for letting us share in this joyful day. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

  • PHINDILE Sabela-Rikhotso says:

    Really really beautiful😍😍

  • Kanego Thete says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

  • Tinykov says:

    We loved every bit of this wedding. Memorable

  • Rhandzu Mhlongo says:

    A magnificent day so beautifully captured! Wishing the newly weds a blissful marriage.

  • Manyunyu Mdaka says:

    Absolutely breathtaking..🥰🥰🥰congratulations🎉🎉

  • Hundzukani Chabalala says:

    Ha khensa hi vuyelela va ka Maswanganyi na va ka Khosa. A ku ri micatu wa xiyimo xa le henhla swinene. You have raised the bar. What an event to behold.

  • Mrs Magagula says:

    Ohhhh Hallelujah Amen
    We thank God Almighty. What a Fabulous wedding celebration… J & G

  • Ntwanny says:

    And this was Jabu and Gingi’s perfect wedding 🙂 Makoti wa hina asasekile swinene, groom yona anaha vuli! The venue was breathtaking, I enjoyed every moment…Congratulations once more to the newly weds, Hosi ayi katekise vukati bya nwina. I love you too bits vakokwani wa mina.

  • Nkateko Hlatshwayo says:

    Beautiful and memorable congradulations J💍G

  • Gingi & Jabu says:

    Wow! We love the photos. We have no words but joy in our hearts as we browse through the pictures. We have gotten over the wedding day. We are happy to be stuck here “Per Sempre”.
    Foremost we want to say thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the day. Just like one of the songs we walked in with – which translate to the beautiful things which we got a chance to see or enjoy under the sun are made possible by activities and/or beings behind the scene. This rain (wedding) comes with the wind (people). For our day to be possible, e.g. the guests, venue, porters, waiters, coordinators and designers, to name a few, were needed, which were the wind for our rain (aka wedding).
    Coming to you, Andre and Selma, your work or photography is an art. We often say that pictures are frozen moments in which you remember the experience. Your photos appear to have captured not just the moment but the energy and the emotion of the day. You guys know when to press the button to the moments that deserve to be frozen for life as the constant reminder of “there was an event and time…” Our wedding photos are timeless – “Per Sempre”. It was a joy to be photographed by you. We noted that you are attentive to detail – meaning the photos has rich content.
    Let us not go further but we are extremely pleased with your work and the photos are so authentic. Thank you very much.

    • Dear Gingi & Jabu. Thank you so much for these heartfelt words and this beautiful analogy. Your wonderful energy on the day was tangible. It was not hard to capture the emotion and spirit of your beautiful day. x

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