Ballito Wedding Abbiocco

Niata & Gavin


Ni & Gavin’s Ballito wedding at Abbiocco was just down our alley. Oh the excitement of a destination wedding, albeit not international just in another province of South Africa, is still the same either way!


We first met Gavin when we did a dad daughter shoot for him in Stellenbosch. At the time he told us about his gorgeous fiance, Niata. Of course, we did what all photographers do, we stalked his Facebook page to have a little sneak peek. And my oh my, did it become clear that he was not exaggerating her loveliness. Lets not even talk about the 4 gorgeous girls they get to call their daughters.

Fast forward a few months, and we get an email. An email asking if we’d consider flying up to shoot their Ballito wedding. When getting a cool enquiry like this, there’s always that moment, when you go to the Google calendar, holding your breath, hoping that the date is still available. And boy oh boy were we happy that it was!

We’ve come to love photographing intimate weddings. There’s almost always a common denominator. They are about people, not about show. They are real and they are unpretentious. Gavin and Ni’s Ballito wedding was no exception. I mean, there was Ni making her own flower bouquet just before walking down the aisle. Not only that, this talented lady made the table napkins and blankets to keep guests warm too!

Ni & Gavin’s Ballito wedding day started at Kingsley House. It was so sweet that the two of them did their preparations together. We did their couple shoot before the ceremony, and we so enjoyed this special time with just the two of them.


We love the story of how they chose their Ballito wedding venue. Tucked away in the corner at Burnedale farm, is the quaint and colourful Abbiocco restaurant and deli. Directly translated from Italian it relates to that “drowsy sensation that sneaks up on you after a satisfying meal.” Ni & Gavin had only just discovered this little gem when lock down hit. As with all small business owners, Johan & Coenie had to reinvent themselves. They started doing take away meals and Ni and Gavin continued to support them. When wedding plans started getting real, they were initially going to go all out – and in Ni’s words “with a live swing band and all!” After a bit of a reality check, they decided to rather keep things small, and there was only ONE venue they would consider and that was their favourite Abbiocco!

Johan & Coenie prepare the delectable meals themselves. A taste sensation of note. Sitting down at our own little romantic table for two in full view of Ni, Gavin and their guests, it felt like a scene from the movie “Like Water for Chocolate.” The love that Johan & Coenie put into their meals, was DEFINITELY transferred to all partaking in them. 5 courses of absolute heaven!

Niata & Gavin, we cannot thank you enough for putting your trust in us and flying us all the way to Ballito to capture your special day. We will forever hold dear the memories we created with you and your nearest and dearest.




Hair & make-up:  Ashton van Biljon

Dress:  Charlotte Tiley

Suit:  Chad Joseph

Getting ready venue:  Kingsley House

Wedding Venue:  Abbiocco Italian Restaurant and Deli



  • Niata Goodman says:

    O my goodness, so many tears all over again!! Thank you almost seems inadequate for these beautiful pictures, but thank you none the less…We will celebrate together again soon.

  • Mr Gavin Goodman says:

    Oh Wow! Selma & Andre! Thank you so much for capturing our special day so beautifully! I’m speechless but so very grateful! Sending you guys so much love! Gav

  • Adél says:

    Tears running down my face!
    How beautiful!!!!! Amazing!! Thank you for sharing and having us in your life. I feel super proud. These moments captured everything!Love Love Love!!!

  • Elize Fritz says:

    Stunning photos of each and everyone its a special day and yoy have celebrayed it beautifully we wish you nothing but happiness and lots of love

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