Camps Bay Anniversary Shoot

Shannon & Roger

This Camps Bay anniversary shoot certainly was something else.  Other than one other wedding day, which we vividly remember, this will go down as one of our windiest shoots ever!

But sometimes you just have to take the hand you are dealt and embrace it.  Shannon and Roger were in Cape Town to celebrate their anniversary, and their time was limited.  Roger had put so much effort into organizing this surprise Camps Bay anniversary shoot, that we could not let the weather get in the way.  It was not really something we could postpone.  But I tell you what, when we had to fight with the car door, just getting out of the car, we were certainly feeling a little nervous at the prospect of doing a shoot in the crazy wind.

And then we saw Shannon’s beautiful auburn hair, and her bright yellow dress, and immediately we thought it was a cause worth fighting for!

And how brave these two were!  Being lashed by sand and salty sea water, is probably not everyone’s idea of fun!  We tried to take shelter behind the boulders as much as we could, but the elements were pretty insane!  At times it was hard even staying upright!

The good thing though, is that although wind causes chaos, it also creates a unique mood and movement in images.  And I think, it kind of adds an element,  that would otherwise not have been there.  And guess what,  even though at times it felt crazy, we still had fun, and Shannon and Roger, we hope you did too.  Well, at least if it was not fun, it certainly was memorable!

Thank you so much for choosing us to document your marriage milestone through this Camps Bay anniversary shoot.  It’s certainly one we won’t forget!


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