Cape Town Beach Family Shoot

The Sattler Family

How gorgeous this Cape Town beach family shoot was.  Going down to the beach at Llandudno you realize just what a beautiful city Cape Town is.  And I think sometimes because we live here, we take it for granted.  Cape Town has so much to offer.  Not only does it have scenic beauty, but it is such a melting pot of tastes and cultures too.  It’s not hard to see why so many foreigners choose it at a holiday destination.

The Sattler family are no strangers to Cape Town.  Isabel is a South African girl who had her heart stolen by a German boy.  They’ve stayed on a few continents already, but always return to South Africa where Isabel’s roots are.  We happened to meet them at a mutual friend’s braai whilst they were on holiday in South Africa.This prompted our first family shoot with them when little Tiffany was just a baby.  Now they’ve returned with a gorgeous, energetic   little 4 year old, and a baby bump.

You’d never say looking at these happy photos that their little family have been through an extremely tough few months.  But here they are having triumphed over it all, and we are so honoured to have documented another special chapter in their lives during this Cape Town beach family shoot.  So lovely to have Isabel’s sister, Mary-Ann join us too!

We had such a fun afternoon with you Isabel, Thomas and Tiffany.  We hope to do many more shoots for you, and who knows, perhaps a destination one at some stage!  It’s just a flight away!

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  • Isabel says:

    Selma & André, you guys are AWESOME!!!

    Download all the photos and again we are gobsmacked how talented you both are😱
    The photos look as if we were standing in front of backdrops, unbelievable!!!

    Thank you so much, they’re ALL our favorites and it’s almost impossible to pick and print out a few.💕

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