Cape Town couple shoot

Cape Town couple shoot

A Cape Town couple shoot which was also happened to be date night at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. What a perfect Spring evening!

Stephan and Sanmari have been married for 8 years already. A few kiddies down the line, and life becomes a little cray cray. Stephan decided to surprise Sanmari with a couple shoot for her birthday. He reckoned that all of their photos were family photos, never just photos of the two of them. The last time that happened was on their wedding day. It was time for them to have some fun whilst granny looked after the kiddies for a few hours.

What better place to start a Cape Town couple shoot than under the big wheel in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. An easy land mark for a meeting place as well! If you happen to miss the big wheel, which is highly unlikely, just follow the sound of the marimba band, and you’ll find the spot.

The weather was glorious and there was a wonderful vibe in the waterfront. It was great to see that tourists are slowly returning to our beautiful mother city, and there was almost a sense of normality. Well, other than the mask wearing that is!

We took a laid back wander about, stopping off for photos when we saw an interesting or colourful back drop. There are so many quirky spots to choose from. It was so much fun! It was very cute to see these two still have the spark after all of the years.

What better way to end a perfect Cape Town couple shoot than with a visit to Marcel’s frozen yoghurt? Thanks guys for the treat! Haven’t had one in a while!

Thank you Stephan and Sanmari for such a fun time. We really enjoyed our time with you!


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