Cape Town Elopement Tour

Liubov & Nicohan

A Cape Town elopement tour could not be a better idea!  The mother city boasts with so much scenic beauty.  From beaches and magnificent coastlines,  to vineyards and mountain landscapes.  We have a bit of everything.  It’s not hard to see why Cape Town is one of the top destinations in the world for elopements.

Usually couples choose a particular spot for their Cape Town elopement, but Liubov and Nicohan had a very unique day indeed.  Perfectly put together by Louise from Runaway Romance, these two decided on doing a peninsula tour taking in some of Cape Town’s top spots, before ending off the day with a sunset elopement.  It was hot, it was bright, it was windy, but it was SO MUCH fun!

People who know us well will also know that we’d have been in our element capturing this day.  We love travel, we love meeting folk from across the globe and we love making memories with our camera.  When Louise contacting us, and told us about this fabulous idea, we were crossing fingers and toes that Liubov and Nicohan would pick us to document their special Cape Town elopement tour.  And they DID!  And we loved every minute of it!

We met up with Liubov and Nico at the lovely Ocean View House in Bakoven along with our fabulous driver Jade from The Cape Town group and our guide Carol. Liubov looked amazing in her red dress with make-up and hair by Helga.



Louise had thought of everything and had snacks and drinks packed for the journey. We loaded up and we were off on our full day of adventure.

Our first stop was on the beautiful Chapman’s Peak drive.  It was Liubov’s first time in South Africa, and she was in awe!  I must admit, the colour of the ocean was just beautiful, that even for us who live here, it is still mind-blowingly beautiful!



Our next port of call was Seaforth beach in Simonstown.  This is where Liubov ditched her stilettos and went barefoot on the beach.  It was as if the little scene was just made for them, with her red dress such a contrast to the different hues of blue.  She and Nico took a stroll along the beach to the small enclosed penguin colony.



From Simonstown we headed along the beautiful coastal route to the little fishing village of Kalk Bay.  The wind and waves were crazy and they were breaking right over the jetty.  We only made it down about 2 metres before we realized it would be way too dangerous to venture any further!



From Kalk Bay we headed inland towards Silvermist Estate.



Next up was colourful Bo-Kaap where we took a little stroll amongst the brightly coloured homes.



Our last stop for the day before Liubov and Nico would head back to their hotel to freshen up was Signal Hill.  It was SUPER hot and bright on one side, and SUPER windy on the other, but at least these two got a little teaser of this beautiful setting.



Well, if we thought it was windy on Signal Hill, nothing could have prepared us for what was to come at Maidens Cove!  I am sure the wind speeds were over 50km/hour.  It was hard to even stay standing without literally being blown off your feet.  It was still the perfect ending to a magnificent day.

Thank you Liubov and Nico for trusting us with your special memories, we loved spending the day with you!  Who knows, maybe our paths will cross either in Zambia or Moscow!

Louise, you did an amazing job putting this Cape Town elopement tour together.  Let’s hope it’s the start of a new branch of your business.  We couldn’t recommend you highly enough and we loved working with you!


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