Cape Town Engagement

Firdaus & Shehzaad


What an honour for us to be part of this special Cape Town Engagement function.  We’ve come a long way with Shehzaad.  When we first met him a few years back,  he always seemed to be the one driving the wedding car, or scuttling about on the wedding day doing all sorts of wedding chores.  He must have inherited this trait from his dad, as they are like two peas in a pod!  At each wedding we bumped into Shehzaad, it always struck us how charming and lovely he was.  We used to rag him, and ask when it was his turn to get married.  He just used to smile and shrug it off.

Then last year we got a call from Shehzaad.  It was all very secretive.  He said he needed a photographer for a secret proposal.  Suddenly the penny dropped!  Shehzaad was going to ask the girl of his dreams to marry him.  And we’d be there to capture the actual moment!  We were over the moon.

And so it was on a day in December that Shehzaad proposed to beautiful Firdaus.  It took some planning, but he pulled it off.  It involved wading through the ocean with our camera equipment, the décor company carrying their gear down a mountain side, and then telling Firdaus that they were taking part in a competition that would involve going down a mountainside blindfolded!

There on a secret beach, Shehzaad had organized a little white gazebo filled with polaroid prints of their time together and 3 photobooks with the covers spelling out “Will you marry me?”   It could not have been more romantic.  And Firdaus said YES!

Fast forward a few months to May when we got to photograph their official Cape Town engagement function.  It was very special that Firdaus decided to have it at her family home in Plattekloof.  It made it so much more personal.  Firdaus looked absolutely breathtaking, and of course Shehzaad as dashing as ever.

It was like a huge reunion for us, bumping into all of our previous wedding couples and their lovely families.  Thank you for always making us feel so welcome.

Firdaus and Shehzaad, we could not be more happy for the two of you!  Thank you so much for choosing us to be part of your journey.  We’ve loved documenting every moment!



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