Cape Town Family photo shoot

The Garbers Family


So what do we do the day after Christmas when most people spend the day chillaxing?  An inner city Cape Town Family photo shoot, that’s what we do!  But when your subjects are this much fun, it does not really feel like work at all!

We go back quite a way with the Garbers’ family.  It all started when we shot  Jacqui and Geoff’s wedding.  Subsequently, we’ve done 3 family shoots for them already.  One of them was in the pouring rain, I might add!  But because they are kind of scattered across the globe, we could not postpone the shoot!  Not even rain bothers this bunch!  They seem to just go with the flow, and it’s such a pleasure working with them.  It makes our job an absolute breeze.

When we asked Felicity what she had in mind for their family shoot this time around, she was not sure.  We’d done the Wine Estate thing and Kalk Bay harbour so we thought we’d do something with a little bit more of an “urban” feel.

We decided on Bree Street in the inner city for their Cape Town family photo shoot.

With it being a public holiday, Cape Town city centre was lovely and quiet, so we literally had most of Bree Street to ourselves.  It was lovely having a few new additions to the clan.  Kate’s parents from the UK where there too, and we finally got to meet Shaun’s lovely fiancé, Alex.

The Garbers family are a real treat to be around.  They all get along like a house on fire (well they certainly do on photo shoots!) We love their vibe and energy!  And they are always game for our crazy suggestions.

What a great afternoon we spent with you guys!  Your Cape Town family photo shoot was heaps of fun!  Until next time!


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