Cape Town Family Shoot

The Garbers Family

Every few years we get together with this lovely bunch for their Cape Town family shoot.  This time around the family had definitely grown in number.  Jack and little Benjamin are the newest additions to the Garbers clan.

What crazy weather we had for their Cape Town family shoot!  But as Kate & Mark only had limited time in South African and work commitments for some, we could not really reschedule.  So we had all four seasons in one day!  It was literally raining, gusty winds were blowing and the sun came out every so often just to tease us!

But this was not going to stop this crowd from being their usual quirky selves.  One thing about this family is their big smiles.  And those new little Garbers boys seem to be fitting right on in!  I am sure by the time we do our next shoot, they are going to be well and truly in to it!

How lucky for the littlies to still have a great granny.

Felicity’s mom joined us for the shoot too.  What special memories in the making!

We’d initially planned on going to Kirstenbosch, but with the weather being so bad, it would really have been a waste.  So we just stopped off at a little green belt on the side of the road.  In fact it was just around the corner form Kirstenbosch.  And here it was in between the long grass and admidst creaky trees that we did our Cape Town family shoot.

Thank you Garbers family for another fun shoot!  We always part ways with smiles on our faces after spending time with you all.  What an example you are of a family who just seem to have a good recipe going!

Until next time!  See you in a few years!


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