Cape Town honeymoon photoshoot

Sierra & Cameron

What’s more fun than a Cape Town Honeymoon? A Cape Town honeymoon photoshoot of course! And that’s just what Sierra and Cameron did. These two love birds from New Jersey had a destination wedding and decided to go all out and have a destination honeymoon too!


The day of Sierra & Cameron’s Cape Town honeymoon photoshoot started off with a few hiccups.  Sierra messaged in a panic that her make up artist could no longer make it. A few phone calls, two Uber rides and a visit to the Mac counter at the V& A and she was sorted. Considering it was only 2 hours before our shoot was starting, it all worked out pretty well!

After the most glorious sunshine the day before it was a tad chilly and windy on the day of our shoot. But the one thing nobody has control over is the weather. Either you choose to be miserable, or you embrace it and enjoy the ride! Sierra & Cameron chose the latter and we had the most glorious two hours with them doing their Cape Town honeymoon photoshoot.


We started off in the colourful Bo-kaap. Always a good excuse for us to stop off at Biesmillah on the way home for padkos. If you haven ‘t yet, try the chicken roll. You can thank us later!

It had become increasingly darker, the wind had picked up and rain was threatening. We made the call to go ahead and drive to our second location anyway. It was FREEZING, but we braved it for a few minutes and got a few amazing shots down at Maiden’s Cove.

Two lovelier people we could not have asked for. Gentle, kind and oh so in love. We have a sneaky suspicion they’ll be back.

As a side note, if you are heading down South and you fancy a Cape Town honeymoon photoshoot of your own, do get in touch!

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