Cape Winelands Altydlig Wedding

Elisabeth & Willie

This was our first time shooting an Altydlig wedding, and hopefully not our last!  What a stunning venue!  Although it’s on the outskirts of suburbia, it’s just far out enough to give you the feeling of being in the Cape Winelands.  There are rolling vineyards and views for days.  The venue itself is rustic and cozy, and can be dressed up for any style of wedding.

Where does one even begin when describing the two gorgeous souls that are Elisabeth and Willie.  It’s very clear that Elisabeth and Willie’s paths were meant to cross.  It must have been written in the stars, and honestly, a better match there could not be.  Lizzy is sweet, gentle and composed.  And Willie is just a ball of energy.  It’s impossible to imagine Willie without a smile on his face.  You’ll see in the photos,  he must be one of our happiest groom’s ever!

I suppose any couple’s spirits are slightly dampened (pardon the pun) when it rains on their wedding day.  And believe me, your wedding photographer feels the same.  All those ideas of pretty backlight and the golden hour get nipped in the bud, and you have to think creatively and quickly.  And  this is how it was on the day of Elisabeth and Willie’s Altydlig wedding.  There were parts of the day where it was literally bucketing down!  But I think the rain gods heard us, and we had a break during the couple shoot.  And mind you, once everyone was warm and inside the reception, the rain outside was actually lovely!

Elisabeth and Willie we so enjoyed photographing your Altydlig wedding.  You have such a positive energy about you, and we loved seeing how your wonderful families worked so hard at creating magic on your most special day.  Wishing you much more happiness and love!



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