Centre for the Book Wedding

Jade & Joey

What a day Jade and Joey’s Centre for the Book wedding was!  We won’t say we weren’t a little disappointed when we peered out of the window on a very chilly morning on the last day of June.  It was raining cats and dogs and it was DARK and gloomy.  But hey, it’s the hand we were dealt, and besides, we ADORE winter weddings!  There was no way we were going to let a bit of water from the sky get us down.  We all know how desperate Cape Town is for rain.  Besides, we’d been dying to shoot a wedding at the Centre for the Book for ages now!  And oh my, what a perfect and beautiful wedding day it turned out to be.  Blessings of rain indeed, which held off just long enough for Jade and Joey’s couple shoot.

Jade and Joey are two of the sweetest, gentlest people we’ve met in a long time.   And they were such naturals in front of the camera too.   Jade and Joey’s Centre for the Book wedding was one of those where you squeal a little squeal of delight each time you look through the viewfinder.

Jade looked beautiful with a stunning winter make up palette to complement her ever so pale dusty pink wedding gown.   Joey, the dashing gentleman by her side

The dark moody weather, rain puddles and colonial architecture was the perfect backdrop to shoot against.

The ceremony was held in the beautiful St. Mary’s Catholic church in the CBD.  I literally got goosebumps when Joey’s work colleagues, in full regalia formed a guard of honour for the couple as they excited the church. What a special moment.

The Centre for the Book has the most amazing Old World charm.  It’s as if you’ve stepped back in time and it has such a rich and warm ambience.

Jade and Joey,  I know things were a little rough in the time leading up to your wedding, but goodness, together,  you two can conquer anything!   It was so worth braving the chilly wet weather and I hope the images tell the story of your special Centre for the Book wedding day.



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