Cherry Glamping Wedding

Ankia & Pieter

A Cherry Glamping Wedding!  Say what?  We’d been dying to shoot here, so when Ankia & Pieter told us this would be their wedding venue, we were beyond excited!  Being wedding photographers in Cape Town, we have so many venues to choose from, but it truly is those away weddings that get us most excited!

But before we tell you any more about this Cherry Glamping wedding, let’s just take a moment to introduce you to our couple.  Rewind six years.  We met Ankia on a media trip to McGregor organized by Mira of McGregor Country Getaways. This tall striking lass with the dark hair and piercing eyes was single at the time.

A year later, and on our second media trip together, this was about to change.  Along came Pieter.  With his gentle demeanor and kind heart, how was Ankia to say “no” when he asked her out on this VERY weekend!? They hadn’t been together for 1 hour, and Andre & I said to each other: “Imagine how cool it would be if we got to shoot their wedding.”  Well, 5 years down the line, and that was to become a reality.  I’ll never forget the pang of excitement the day we received that email!

Ankia & Pieter’s Cherry Glamping wedding could not have been more perfect for them.  They love nature, they love different, they love the no frills and fuss vibe!  And so do we!

It’s always wonderful to see family and friends taking a blank canvas and transforming it into something special that reflects the personalities of the couple.  We loved the natural florals and greens, and Ankia’s newly acquired macramé skills provided a few accent pieces.

The ceremony took place under the pine trees.  Have you ever stood in a forest and listened to the sound of the breeze whispering through the pine leaves? There were so many of these moments during Ankia & Pieter’s wedding ceremony.   One could not help think that the universe is far greater than you are, and that no meetings are just by accident.  They were meant to be.

Canapes were a laid pack picnic style affair.  Keep scrolling through the images to see the custom made tumblers that were the gorgeous guest favours.

There’s a lovely Afrikaans word: “kuier,” which kind of means chilling with family and friends.  Ankia & Pieter’s Cherry Glamping wedding was definitely a “kuier wedding.”  The fabulous fire pit under the fairy lights meant conversations were had until the early hours of the morning.  A bit of dancing on the side and delicious meals supplied by food trucks, and you couldn’t have a more laid back vibe!

Ankia and Pieter, what an honour it was for us to capture your special day.  You made these two Cape Town wedding photographers VERY HAPPY! Your Cherry Glamping wedding was perfect in every way.  You are about to embark on a new adventure, but we do hope that this there are still many chapters for us to write in our story together.


  • Make-up: Julize Otto

  • Hair: Alyssa Coetzee

  • Dress:  Elmaré van der Merwe

  • Bridesmaids dresses:  Bride’s mom Susan Wolf

  • Flowers:  Some sourced from Bunches for Africa, others from family members gardens and some foraged from the veld!

  • Flower arrangements & bouquets:  Ina Roux & Marianne Bellstedt

  • Decor:  Some sourced from 4EveryEvent, lots of DIY from family members & friends

  • Cake: Jeanine Botha from Flourchild

  • Food trucks:  Mini Coffee Company, Earthfire Pizza, Jack Rabbit

  • Guest Favour Tumblers:  Sourced from Outdoor Warehouse & engraved by Nadine’s Engraving


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