Constantia Engagement Photography

Kirsten & Marcelino

An absolute breath of fresh air!  That’s the only way to describe Kirsten & Marcelino’s Constantia Engagement photography session.

When their car pulled up beside ours at De Hel Nature area, it’s almost as if we were shrouded in a bubble of love.  I know, I am sounding all cheesy now, but seriously man – this is the stuff of fairytales.

Remember that old TV programme “the Saint?”  Well, instead of a little halo above, picture a heart instead.  These two are seriously the epitome of happiness and love.  And they literally bask in it!  And they cannot hide it!

We’d never even heard of this nature park before.  So how did Kirsten and Marcelino decide on this spot for their Constantia Engagement photography session?  Well, every day on their way to work, they drive past it.  So we asked them: “Have you ever been here before?  And their answer: “No.”  And we say:  “Nor have we.”  And we all laugh and say:  “ Let’s just wing it!”

And then you know you are going to get along like a house on fire!

I am not sure why they call this place De Hel Nature reserve?  It’s more like a little piece of heaven.  It reminded us so much  of parts of our trek through the Himalayas in Nepal.  The little streams,  footbridges, and even the sounds of the forest birds.  A truly amazing spot!  We’ll make it our mission to go back there for a walk sometime.

Kirsten and Marcelino, what fun we had with you guys!  We were all literally panting  by the time we got back to the car.  But it was SO worth it!  If your Constantia Engagement Photography session is just a little peek into what your wedding day will be like, then we are SUPER excited to be there to capture your memories!

See you very soon!

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