Couple Photo Shoots Cape Town

Couple Photo Shoots

Couple photo shoots have become quite a thing.  And we have a confession – we LOVE them.  Why you may ask?   Hear us out.  Although we get to do couple photo shoots at every single wedding we photograph, there’s something raw and exciting about doing  couple photo shoots just for the sake of doing a couple photo shoot.

You don’t have the time constraints of a wedding day.  You get to choose an amazing location.  But most importantly, you get to photograph couples in the most authentic and spontaneous way without them worrying about their wedding shoes getting ruined, or the wind messing up their hair or getting their wedding attire a little grubby!

It also gives us a chance to showcase our beautiful home city of Cape Town.  Most of those near and dear to us know we are obsessed with travel.  We try our very best to always promote the tourism industry in Cape Town where we can (albeit it sometimes with only our mobile phone cameras) but we do try.  So nothing makes us happier than telling a love story in beautiful Cape Town with the images captured during couple photo shoots.

We are honestly spoiled for choice.  From the natural settings of mountains, forests and the ocean;  to wine estates and quirky small town villages; to the most gorgeous urban landscapes in the inner city.  We have it all!

The festive season is coming up, and we’d LOVE to capture some magic with you.  Maybe you will be on  holiday in Cape Town, maybe you’re planning to propose to the love of your life or maybe you are celebrating a special milestone anniversary or birthday.  Maybe you just want to celebrate life, love and everything in between and treat yourself to some photo fun!

We’d love to hear from you!

“If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.  Only then will you realize how special you are.”

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