Decorex Sandton Convention Centre

Decorex Sandton Convention Centre


Our first ever Decorex at the Sandton Convention Centre.  Just imagine capturing four levels of awesomeness all under one roof!

Is awesomeness even a word? I tell you what after 4 days of continuous shooting our bodies did not feel awesome, but our hearts were happy and our memory cards were full.

To be part of the buzz of Decorex was pretty amazing!

Considering the dire situation for so many businesses after the big C, it was refreshing to see the amount of talent and innovation out there. In fact, we got the sense that there was renewed energy and creativity. For some, a chance to start afresh but with loads of newbies to the scene too. It felt as if life had finally returned to the one we once knew, and that the last two years were merely a bad dream.


Decorex honestly had a bit of everything you could imagine to turn your home into your own personal masterpiece. Starting on the lower level, think practical things for the home and outdoor living. Heading up, it was all about kitchens, bathrooms and trimmings. The higher you went, the more deocrative things started getting. Furnishings, wall finishes, décor and art to name but a few. And when the feet got a bit tired and the hunger pangs and thirst set in, there were a variety of restaurants on each level to choose from.

Lists and briefs aside, this is what 4 days, 45 hours and hundreds of images of the Jozi Decorex look like condensed into a single blog post.

Thank you to the team from Reed Exhibitions for trusting us enough to fly us half way around the country to capture the amazingly curated event.


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