Durbanville Eureka Wedding

Chantelle & Petrus

Oh this Durbanville Eureka wedding!  Where do we even begin?  A beautiful Autumn day in the Durbanville wine valley, a gorgeous venue, and a couple who are madly in love.  It does not get much better!

Chantelle & Petrus are just the loveliest couple.  Yes, I know we say that about all of our couples.  But darn, some of them stand out just a little bit more.  We first met these two lovelies at the Mugg and Bean.  Immediately we were drawn to them.  They share our passion for travel and adventure, and you could immediately tell there were no airs and graces about them.  What you see is what you get.  Their cute mannerisms,  intimate interactions and their absolute “laid backness” ( is there even such a word) was like a breath of fresh air.  We went home really hoping they would book us.  They did, and we were ecstatic!  Subsequently we did an engagement shoot for them.  We got to know them even better in our time spent together.  And then we really could not wait for their Durbanville Eureka wedding!

Finally the day came along.  Everything was just perfect.

One of those days you get home from a wedding and you go to bed thinking:  “that was not work!”

Chantelle & Petrus are not conformists.  Instead of having bridesmaids and best men, they had their nearest and dearest with them whilst doing preparations.  How special to spend such exciting moments before the ceremony with special people.  And how lovely to have the grannies there too!

It’s the first time we’ve shot a Durbanville Eureka wedding, and we were really super impressed by the venue.  The décor was beautiful, the service outstanding, the views amazing, and the food yummy.  We’d honestly recommend them to any couple looking for a wedding venue.

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word “Eureka” is used as a  cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.  Could not be more appropriate for Chantelle & Petrus.

But enough babbling.  We’ll let the photos tell the story.


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  • Petrus & Chantelle says:

    These photos have truly exceeded our expectations – they have come out much better than we could have wished for. They perfectly capture the day – so many memories!

    Thank you Selma and Andre, you guys are the best…

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