Durbanville Family Photography Session

The Buchners

Meet the Buchners.  This Durbanville Family Photography session was heaps of fun.  It is such an honour to take a peek into the lives of a family, even if only for an hour.  You quickly learn the dynamics, the quirks, the moods, and all the while creating once in a life time memories.

We’ve come quite a way with Mariette and Carl.  We photographed their wedding, then a family shoot after their first son was born, and now Chris has become a big brother.

We met the Buchners for their Sunday afternoon Durbanville family photography session on their small holding just outside of town.    What a fabulous spot for little boys to grow up!  Here children can still play.  And by play, I don’t mean games on an iPad.  I mean, run around with the dogs, climb trees, spend time outdoors, do the things we did when we were little.  And I think in today’s age, this is such a huge privilege.

Carl, we are so happy that your dream of having a smallholding for your little family has become a reality!

It really did not feel like a staged family shoot at all, it kind of just felt like we were visiting, and taking a few snaps as things happened around us.  And so much more special being in the Buchners  own personal space.  Chris loved showing off his skills on the new garden equipment, and he’s such a little poser too, loves the camera!  I bet he can’t wait for his little brother to grow up so he has a playmate.

The family dogs, were very much part of things too, albeit only for the odd photobomb while racing around the garden.

What a fun Sunday afternoon spent with you four!  Until next time.  Nudge nudge, wink, wink, maybe a little girl thrown into the mix?

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