Durbanville Family Photography

The Van der Merwe Family


We met up with the lovely Van der Merwe family one Sunday afternoon for their Durbanville Family Photography session.  What a small world.  They literally live around the corner from our home in Durbanville.  They came to hear of us when we shot their friend’s wedding last year.

The photography industry in Cape Town is literally saturated at the moment and it’s sometimes hard to market yourself in a unique way that stands out above the rest.  And that is why good old honest referrals are still the best way to attract new clients.  After all, they have seen you in action as well as the final product. So thank you to our lovely couple Chantal & Petrus for sending your friends our way!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon at Majik Forest where we met up with the Van Der Merwes.  How cute is little Schalk?  Little people at this age have such priceless expressions.  His mom and dad said he was a rather serious little chap on the afternoon of our Durbanville Family photography shoot.  But who can blame him?

There are so many new things to see and explore.  And who were these two crazy people aiming big scary cameras?  I always wish there was someone with a video to record the goings on at the other side of the lens.  Two photographers trying their best to make a little person smile, talking in really high pitched tones,  and a crazy mom and dad jumping up and down in the background, gesticulating and trying to get a reaction!  Too funny!

One thing is for sure; we have never EVER met a more well behaved dog than Bella the Schnauzer.  Oh my word.  They just plonk her into position and she stays there.  What an absolute cutie, and she seems to love her little brother Schalk to bits!

Thank you so much Anneke, Johan, Schalk and Bella for choosing us to document your Durbanville family photography session.  What fun it was!

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