Durbanville Matric Dance Photography

Durbanville Matric Dance Photography

Durbanville Matric dance photography was in full swing this year. It was great being able to create memories for some fabulous kids again. It almost felt as if life had returned to semi-normality.

Last year was a disaster for matric dances all over South Africa. Even our own nephew did not have a matric dance. All those years we’d promised him that we would the ones there to document it all for him. It felt like such a let down. It was pretty hard on the kids. Their whole high school career culminates in those special moments they’d all been so looking forward to. And then Covid came and got in the way. But we stay positive that things are on the mend, and next year this horrible pandemic that has robbed us of so much enjoyment will be a thing of the past!

Our first Durbanville matric dance photography session was of beautiful Kaylin.

What a breath of fresh air she was. She’s a photographer herself, so she was a total natural in front of the lens! She’d organized for us to shoot at the lovely Nitida Wine Estate in Durbanville. It was a tad windy, but we had loads of fun! In fact, we loved the way the wind played with her hair and dress, so we weren’t at all phased!

At the end of the shoot, we met up with some of Kaylin’s friends. One of them had organized a vintage kombi. We snuck in a few shots of Kaylin before they all left. How awesome was the combination of her emerald green dress with the mint green colour of the kombi?

Kaylin, what an honour to document your special moments. We wish you all the best for the future. And may this be the beginning of many more Durbanville matric dance photography sessions sans masks!


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