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100 Shades of Emotions

We like to think of ourselves as an emotive Cape Town wedding photography team, we can tell you after years of experience, that emotive wedding photography is not something you can plan.

The little unscripted moments that happen spontaneously can pass in the blink of an eye, without anyone even noticing.  But let me tell you something.  Ask any wedding photographer and they will tell you it is like hitting the jackpot when you nail one of those shots.  And the WORST feeling is when you didn’t.  For whatever reason; wrong lens, bad lighting, it happened too quickly, you were focusing on something else.  It’s like a moment in time, and you missed it.  And yes, these are the silly things we beat ourselves up about sometimes.  Photographers like all artists, are sensitive souls.

When blogging a wedding or showing off a portfolio we are often drawn to showcasing the “pretty” images.  These are images of the couple against the perfect backdrop during golden hour.  Or they may be of the bride in the bright, airy room before the wind totally destroys her hairdo. But do those images really make you feel something, or are they just what they are – pretty images?  They may have a wow factor, but do you look at them and feel something inside you stir?

David Alan Harvey once said:  “Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.”  Although it’s nice to have those wow images,  we also love telling the story as it unfolds in its most raw and authentic way.

So this is a little blog post about the emotive wedding photography moments we didn’t miss.  The ones we hope our couples will treasure. And the ones we hope will make the viewer “feel” something.  If you are looking for and emotive Cape Town wedding photography team to capture your moments, please get in touch!

It was quite a sentimental process going through these images to add them to an emotive wedding photography folder, as they took me straight back in time to the very moment these were captured.  These are just a few from the last year or two.  I was going to do a “50 shades of emotions” but I just couldn’t narrow it down.  So there are 100 instead.  You can catch some of these emotions in our full blog posts under the wedding section of our website.

We hope you enjoy them!


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