Eureka Estate Wedding

Crystal & Albert

Oh what a blissful time of year to shoot a Eureka Estate wedding.  Crystal and Albert chose the perfect month of April for their South African destination wedding.  Autumn in the Western Cape is one of the prettiest seasons.  I love the temperature, not too hot and not too cold.  The light is soft and the leaves are exploding in hues of browns, reds and oranges.

I associate Autumn colours with happiness, change and shedding of the past.  This could not be more representative of lovely Crystal & Albert.  Listening to their heartfelt speeches, there have been some tough times in the past, and moving to a new country for Crystal is quite a change.  But most of all, it’s the HAPPINESS part which really stands out.  These two are just so perfect for each other in every way.

We only met Crystal and Albert on the day of their Eureka Estate wedding.  This is often the case with overseas clients.  There is always that little bit of trepidation that you may not “click.”  But a nicer couple we could not have asked for.  Real, genuine people of the heart.

So many family and friends flew in from all around the world.  The room where Crystal got dressed was filled with an abundance of special “little” people.  They certainly added their unique dimension to the moments, and I cannot imagine them not having been there.

Eureka Estate is situated high above Durbanville amongst the hills and vineyards.  It truly is a spectacular setting.  While we were taking photos, guests could enjoy canapes and the lovely views as the sun set.

The reception was a true celebration, and a wonderful time for guests to catch up with those they had not seen for a long time.

Crystal & Albert, thank you for trusting us with your memories.  We hope that we have frozen the memories of your Eureka Estate wedding for many years to come.  Who knows, we may see you in Europe sooner than you think.



  • Andrea Werner says:

    So wunderschöne Fotos! Traumhaft! Das sind wirklich Erinnerungen fürs Leben!! Durch die schönen Bilder hat man den Eindruck, mit dabei gewesen zu sein!! Danke!!

  • Albert and Crystal Schröckeneder says:

    WOW!!! Where do we even start? You made us look amazing!
    Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures. Before we come up with any lame excuse, why it took us so long to post a comment, let’s just say we were held up, looking at those wonderful pictures you captured over and over again (and that’s actually true).
    It’s amazing, really, how you didn’t miss a single one of all the treasured moments and yet never seemed “visible” to our eyes. You are not even to be seen on the video. We really should have taken a pic with you, the one regret we have from our wedding.
    Thank you so much for your kind words, your amazing job, the fantastic photos and the great fun we had during the photoshoot/ hike through the vinyards. We really clicked and we wish you great success for the work you obviously do so passionatly and with such great hearts.
    Once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts and do pop in if you’re in Germany or anywhere remotley close.
    Your fans
    Crystal and Albert

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