Family Photo Shoots Pop up Style

July Pop Up Family Shoots

These July pop up family photo shoots literally saved our backsides!  That may sound a little crude, but that’s speaking from the heart.   I was going to use another word, but I’ll leave that up to the imagination which should not be too hard!

It’s also a little shout out from the unknown territory in which we currently find ourselves.  One in which we literally lost our income overnight.  If it weren’t for these family shoots, along with amazing support of people buying vouchers and supporting us through the making of photo books and slideshows,  we’d probably have been flogging our camera equipment to pay our bills right now.

We’ll be honest in saying that family shoots only made up a very small percentage of our income.  Funny that this very genre of photography is what is keeping our little business alive right now.  And through all of this, maybe a lesson to be learned is the importance of family.  We’ve travelled the peninsula and some, and met the most amazing bunch of people along the way.  With socializing being pretty much a no go for now, this has also given us our ‘social fix,’ as every weekend we get to hang out with a whole bunch of cool people!

For the time being this is the new normal until the tourism, wedding and event industries get the green light to trade again.

Here’s a small collection of all of the wonderful faces that graced our lenses during the month of July.  Who would have thought we would actually get to say “we are busy” during the crazy times we find ourselves in.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  Thank you for all of the words of encouragement, sharing of posts and bookings made.  We hope that we’ve been able to pay it forward by creating special memories by means of these pop up family shoots.

And now we do it all over again in August…

If you’re keen for a photo shoot of your own, keep an eye on our Facebook page or Insta account, we update regularly on which areas we will be in.

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