Malan Family Photos

The Malan Family

We met up with the lovely Malans one Friday afternoon to do these fun family photos for them.  We got to know Nicola and Koos a number of years back when we photographed their wedding.  A few years later we photographed their little girl when she was only two.  Subsequently, Nicola and Koos have had another little girl and the “brood” is complete so they asked us to do another family photo shoot for them.

What a privilege for these girls to grow up in such a fabulous environment.  They must be the absolute envy of their city friends.  They get to run around on the farm with the dogs, tend to their little vegetable patch, eat freshly laid eggs and do the things that children these days generally have lost the ability to do – and that is just to PLAY.

Our favourite way of capturing family photos is for the family just to “be.”  Obviously as the photographer one still needs to give a little bit of guidance,  but the best images come from the natural interactions between family members.What better backdrop for these farm style family photos, than to be on a real working farm? With sheds, silos and outbuildings creating a rustic backdrop and the two little Malan girls as tour guides, we had so much fun.  The two ridgebacks were pretty much part of the shoot too and did not want to be left out!

We took a little walk around the farm stopping at a few spots on the way.  After a little detour through the veggie patch, we ended off down at the farm dam just as the sun was setting.

Thank you to the Malan family for allowing us a little glimpse into your lives on the farm.  Enjoy the images!


  • The beautiful view of the Paarl mountains that are an ever present backdrop no matter where you are on the farm.
  • The carefree spirit of the Malan Family.
  • Seeing children barefoot in the dust having a ball and just enjoying the little things in life.
  • Leaving the shoot with six freshly laid white chicken eggs!

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