Grille Shack Wedding

Lindi & Francois

This Grille Shack wedding was our last one before lock down in South Africa.  But what an amazing one it was!  When Lindi and Francois made their booking, we Googled their venue immediately.  We were beyond excited!  If you haven’t realized by now, we LOVE quirky, colourful and different locations.  The Grille Shack certainly ticked all of these boxes.  And in the words of Lindi the bride:  “We would like to thank Sanet and her team for the excellent service and delicious food.
They absolutely went the extra mile.”

Moving on to Lindi & Francois.  It seems we have quite a bit in common.

Not all airports are made equal.  And especially if they create the perfect opportunity for you to meet your future wife!  Francois is an air traffic controller and it seems the travel theme runs deep with this couple.  They have been on some amazing adventures together!  Their wedding day certainly sealed the deal that they would continue to explore the globe as husband and wife.

Lindi and Francois are SUCH a laid back couple.  They are real people, with no pretenses.  Their joy and love for each other really shines through.

Lindi is one of those bubbly people, who has an infectious energy about her that just seems to rub off on everyone around her.  And Francois literally completes her.  They could not be more perfect together.

Francois got dressed at the quirky Pit Stop Lodge while Lindi did her preparations at a beautiful guesthouse overlooking Gordons Bay.  You’d never say Lindi was hiding a rather painful injury.  I think the fact that she was marrying her best friend far overshadowed the pain!  Or maybe it was those good pain meds!?

After the ceremony we went down to Kogel Bay Resort for the couple shoot.  What an amazing part of the Cape and what a perfect end to a beautiful day.

The reception was filled with fun and heartfelt moments.

Lindi and Francois, thank you for putting your trust in us to capture your most beautiful Grille Shack wedding!  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, and to follow your amazing adventures!



  • Ilse Zietsman says:

    THIS is how a wedding should be! Unpretentious, colourful, happy. Absolutely love this. Oh, and the photos too!

  • Carin Joubert says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love all the colour. So much emotion in your photographs. Love it.

  • Lindi & Francois says:

    Dear Selma & André
    Thank you so much for capturing our special day so beautifully.
    We absolutely love our photos and the way you got all the emotions.
    We are very happy and so glad you shared this day with us.
    Choosing the right photographer was one of the big choices and we are happy
    we made this choice. You made use feel comfortable and we could just be ourselves around you.
    Forever grateful to have this colourful special photos to look back to our celebration of love.

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