Hout Bay Engagement Shoot

Kat & Markus

We were on such a high after Kat & Markus’ Hout Bay engagement shoot.  What a super fun couple!   We’d never met them before until the day of their engagement shoot, but they are the kinds of people who instantly radiate happiness and good energy.  Not even five minutes into the shoot, and it felt as if we’d known them forever and a day!

We were originally a little indecisive as to where to do their engagement shoot.  When Kat mentioned she’d like to incorporate balloons,  it kind of made sense to have a shoot with pops of colour as a backdrop.  But they also love mountain views.  So where would we find a place that had both?  Jackpot!  That is how we ended up doing a Hout Bay engagement shoot.  The colourful harbour along with Chapman’s Peak was the perfect combination for just what we were looking for.

Now let’s take a moment to give thanks for the perfect weather we had.

It was a windless, sunny spring day, but anyone who knows what happened the day after would certainly agree that we had luck on our side.  The very next day was some of the craziest weather we’ve had in Cape Town for a while – we can vouch for it, we shot a wedding in that storm.

Kat and Markus were total naturals in front of the camera.  Spontaneous laughter and happy smiles – there’s just nothing more like it that gets a photographer into trigger happy mode.  Then being allowed by the retired Admiral onto the SAS Oosterland which was originally built for the SA Navy was a treat of note.  Kat & Markus even got their own bugle call as they disembarked!  What fun!

We ended off up at the old East Battery on Chapman’s Peak.  What a perfect ending to Kat and Markus’ Hout Bay engagement shoot.  Guys, we are SO excited for your wedding next year.


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