Hudsons Wedding Venue

Nicole & Sam

It was great to be back at Hudsons Wedding Venue just outside Stellenbosch for Nicole & Sam’s special day!

Midweek weddings are great, as we offer smaller wedding packages for less hours, but guess what?  Most of the time, you STILL end up getting more images than promised (yip we are sometimes our own worst enemies when creating work for ourselves!)  But hey, when you have a gorgeous couple and  lovely family and guests from around the world, then work is not a job!  And the bonus, a red haired bride! Yeah!

Nicole and the girls got dressed at her family home in Stellenbosch.  How awesome that her mom and dad kept the Scots traditional alive with their outfits.  We’re such suckers for small touches like this!

Back at Hudsons Wedding Venue, the ceremony took place in the beautiful garden on the lawn next to the lake.

The service was filled with so many moments.  It’s also when we realized what softies both Sam and Nicole’s dad are.  This was only the beginning of the tears – keep an eye out amongst the reception photos for a few more!

Nicole and Sam are perfect for each other!  Got to love a no fuss bride who is just able to be herself, but who when caught in the off chance shows so much love and adoration for her man.  The same can be said about Sam.  It’s definitely in the way they look at each other.

The reception was fun, and the speeches yielded lots of laughs and tears too!  It was great seeing the coming together of two families and their friends at such a joyous occasion.

Nicole and Sam, thank you for putting your trust in us to capture the most precious moments of your special day at Hudsons Wedding Venue.  We loved being a part of your day, and we hope that our photos keep the story alive for many years to come.



  • Nicole Watmore says:

    Thank you so much for being so awesome on our special day. You both made everything so easy and made us feel so comfortable. We could not have had better photographers! The photos say it all!!!
    Lots of love
    Mr & Mrs Watmore

  • Sharon Evans says:

    Andre and Selma, Bill and I have no words. You guys captured us all at our most natural. None of us were nervous and you created a perfect canvass for this event with your fun attitudes and laid back style. Nicole and Sam looked fabulous and you managed to impress those memories on us in such an artistic way. We will recommend you to anyone.

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