Inimitable Wedding Muldersdrift

Stelbe & Luca

This Inimitable wedding was the culmination of what seemed like a roller coaster year!  Stelbe & Luca  changed their wedding date no less than four times.  But get married they were GOING to!

We first met these two lovelies just over a year ago when Luca proposed to Stelbe at Quoin Rock.  We were super excited when they told us they’d booked Inimitable as their wedding venue and that they would love for us to be their wedding photographers.  We’d heard so much about this amazing location in Muldersdrift.  And so it was after cancellation upon cancellation of air bnb’s and plane tickets, and listening to the president’s address of “my fellow South Africans,” that we FINALLY found ourselves Jozi bound!

On the day of Stelbe & Luca’s Inimitable wedding we were greeted with typical Joburg thunderstorm weather.  It seemed to hold off until the minute Stelbe walked down the aisle.  And then it just bucketed down!  In a strange kind of way it created such a romantic atmosphere in the glass chapel.  It really felt as if the outdoors was let in, engulfed by all of the greenery and nature.

Stelbe looked absolutely beautiful and Luca, the dashing groom could not wait for his bride to walk down the aisle and be by his side.

We’ve always maintained, no matter the weather, it’s the people surrounding you that make your wedding day special.  There was no shortage of love and joy at Stelbe & Luca’s wedding.  Although things don’t always turn out the way you envisioned, you get one chance at this day and after all, you are still marrying the love of your life, in the most amazing venue, surrounded by people who care for you deeply.

Stelbe & Luca, your Inimitable wedding was definitely one of the highlights of our year.  Thank you for trusting us to capture your most special of days.  We hope that when you go through these images, you will relive the moments and that they will bring the memories flooding right back!

If you only walk on sunny days, you’ll never reach your destination. – Paulo Coelho


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