Intimate West Coast Wedding

Intimate West Coast Wedding

This intimate West Coast wedding left us with all the feels.  Kerstin & Johan had a winning recipe for sure!  A beautiful beach setting with a happy couple and their horses, meant ecstatic photographers!

We only met Kerstin & Johan a few months ago when we did a pop up shoot for them.  Man oh man could we see then already that the sparks were flying!  So we weren’t surprised when they told us they were getting married.  What an honour to be able to capture their special day.

Kerstin and Johan have a bit of an alternative outlook on life.  That certainly carried through to their intimate West Coast wedding.  They hired a wonderful guest house in St Helena Bay called Feet up and Anchors Down.  The setting is right on the beach.  If you love the ocean and the West coast, then you could not have a more perfect spot!  Not only that, they were able to have two of their beloved horses right there with them!  Johan’s daughter went to town and spruced them up for the wedding.   She plaited their tails and mains and added little blue ribbons.  She even did a quick spray paint job too!  Don’t they look cute?

Kerstin and Johan only invited a handful of their close family and friends.  I must say these micro celebrations are super special to photograph.  Although there will always be a place for show stopper weddings, small intimate weddings make you realize you don’t need to spend a fortune on flowers, décor or venues.  It’s about a bunch of people getting together, playing witness to your union and then enjoying a good old meal and natter together!

As the sun set over St Helena Bay, we hit the road back to Cape Town.  Our hearts were happy.  We realized once again how lucky we are to be wedding photographers in Cape Town; how lucky we are to meet the most amazing people along the way, and mostly, how lucky we are to love what we do.

Thank you, Kerstin and Johan for choosing us to document your intimate West Coast wedding.  You guys are fabulous!


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