Jody’s Matric Dance Shoot

Jody & Chanté


What an absolute pleasure doing Jody’s matric dance shoot.  He’s such a dashing young gentleman with a genuine and warm personality.  When arriving at Jody’s family home, there was no formal hand shake, but instead a great big bear hug.  I like that!

When a youngster is in matric, suddenly it’s the culmination of 12 years of school life.  One chapter is closing and another is about to open.     The world is literally your oyster with so many opportunities and life lessons to be learnt.

What an honour and privilege to play a small part in documenting this special day through this matric dance shoot for Jody and his lovely partner Chanté before they headed off to their matric dance.

Jody comes from a happy and lively family.  Everyone gathered at his family home to see him off and wish him well.  His sweet mom, Gillian even organized a red carpet for the special event!  We took a few photos of Jody and his family before meeting up with him and his partner at Altydgedacht for their couple shoot.

How lovely to be in the presence of such gorgeous young people.  Although the wind was howling elsewhere, we had beautiful weather and just a slight breeze to cool things down.  Altydgedacht was looking lovely with the little spring flowers making an appearance, and even a horse who came to say hello just as we were leaving.

Gillian and Brad, you must be so proud of your young man.  We wish him every bit of success in the future.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to capture this special milestone in his and your lives.  Jody’s matric dance shoot was the perfect end to our Saturday.

“Behind you all your memories.

In front of you all your dreams.

Around you all who love you.

Within you all you need.”


  • Gillian says:

    Oh my! I cannot express how these pictures warm my heart. Andre and Selma your creativity is amazing. Thank you so much for being part of Jody Lang special day. We will be admiring these for may years to come. Stay blessed with all you do. We are eternally thankful.

  • Mornique says:

    Wow…. These are fabulous… Captured some really special moments

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