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“How about a Johannesburg Pop up Photography trip?” I asked André one evening when we were sitting around the fire. “Let’s look into it.” he replied.

You all know, we will literally find any excuse to hop on a plane and go somewhere. Ultimately we’d like that ‘somewhere’ to be a little further afield, but we all know that right now, that’s kind of a risky business.

It so happened that last year when we shot a wedding at Inimitable Wedding Venue, Kulula had grounded their flights. As a result we needed to repurchase tickets on a new airline in order to travel to Jozi. Thankfully, Kulula had stored our funds safely in their travel bank. The vouchers were about to expire, so it was the golden opportunity.

We put out feelers to see if anyone would be keen. We got such an amazing response. Thank you so much to some of our past clients who also booked shoots. It made us feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that you you still value us after all these years.

Special thanks to the lovely Louise from Runaway Romance for putting us up for a night, and giving us a little tour of Northcliff Hill. Thank you Danelle & Jacques for your generosity. Looking after your gorgeous kitty seems an insignificantly small sacrifice in return for offering your beautiful home for 3 nights. Thank you to the LeGroomes for the fabulous lunch. Andre is still talking of how yummy it was and how good it was to see you all again. I am so sad that I missed out.

Without further ado, we’d love to introduce you to the lovely people who graced our lenses.

First up. Louise of Runaway Romance. Runaway Romance is a bespoke wedding planning company that focuses on small and non traditional weddings. Louise is amazing at what she does! One thing for sure is that you can relax on the day, and she’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. It’s no lie that Louise loves blooms. Not only does she find them pretty, she is darn good at arranging them too. We’ve not seen anyone whip up a table arrangement or wedding bouquet from random flowers in buckets of water at the speed at which she can! So it seemed fitting to do her shoot in the pretty landscaped space of Gardens in Wonderland.

Next up were all of the lovelies from Class Act Educational Services. Class Act specialize in the design, development and implementation of innovative strategies to address systemic challenges in literacy and numeracy teaching and learning, particularly at primary school level. You may recognize these faces from the LeGroome wedding we shot in Simonstown 2 years ago. Penny certainly has an artistic flair for decorating, and it was such a treat shooting in her beautiful home. What a lovely reunion seeing these wonderful people again!

Where to we even begin with Annerie & Ruan? All of our clients are special, but there are not many people who would run around in the rain with us and get sopping wet! So that makes them extra special! And when you have an attitude like theirs, it just fuels our creativity and passion for what we do. Or maybe it was just the two bottles of wine we enjoyed with Ryan from My Lime Boots over lunch before their shoot? Either way, we spent the most glorious hour with them wandering about the streets of Maboneng in downtown Jozi.

The Prinsloo trio were a real blast from the past. We photographed Janice & Garfield’s wedding at Steenberg Estate quite a number of years ago! Shortly after their wedding they moved up to Joburg. Who would have thought we’d ever have them in front of our lenses again. And this time round with their gorgeous little girl Hannah. We had the best time with them at Lewis Family Farms before the crazy rain started bucketing down.

Dee and her lovely girlfriends had such a special shoot planned at the gorgeous Irene dairy farm. They went all out with their outfits and donned fabulous hats too, but it was to be a rainy day indoor birthday celebration instead. The weather would just not hold off, and it was literally bucketing down. We had to dodge waiters and other patrons and it was pretty dark inside, but we still managed to create some special birthday memories for Dee.

Sunday saw three shoots. Two of these were at the Bryanston Pine Forest. It reminded us so of Tokai Forest in Cape Town. First up the Le Grange family. Mom Cillie literally had to bribe her brood to have their photos taken! I think it was our quickest family shoot ever! Short but fun!

This was followed by the Tukker family. Wow! Talk about an Instant family! When Este and her hubby got together, there were suddenly 7 of them! What a lovely colourful bunch. We had lots of laughs with them, and it was so wonderful to see the close bond they have formed.

Our final Johannesburg pop up photography shoot was for Francois, Biff and their fur children in their beautiful historical home in Atholl, Sandton. This was another blast from the past. We used to belong to the same photography club as Francois. He moved to Joburg years ago, but we’ve still remained friends through Facebook. In a way, he planted the seed for our Jozi pop up shoots, when he commented on one of our Cape Town drive by shoots asking if we’d consider doing them in Jozi! So thank you, Francois, it may never have been a light bulb moment if it was not for you!

























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