Kalk Bay Portrait Shoot


What better way to end off a trip to South Africa than with a Kalk Bay portrait shoot?

Meet our dear friend Linda.  Linda is almost more Capetonian than what we are.  She’s been coming here for close on 30 years already.  Born and bred in the States, she currently lives in Berlin.  Her work takes her to some amazing places, and her Facebook posts make us green with envy.  But it’s Cape Town that has really stolen her heart.  Linda sometimes knows more about our own city than we do!

On one of Linda’s previous visits to Cape Town, we did a portrait shoot for her in Kirstenbosch Gardens, another of her old haunts.  Now, with a milestone birthday approaching, Linda wanted a few updated images.  We thought we’d go for something a bit more colourful for this shoot.

One of our favourite places in Cape Town is the little fishing village of Kalk Bay.  And so it was that we decided to combine a spot of shopping, and a good old meal at the Brass Bell with a Kalk Bay portrait shoot on Linda’s last day in Cape Town.

We had so much fun!  Linda kicked off her sandals, ran around on the beach, and even tried her hand at fishing with the locals.  It was a tad windy out on the jetty, but it made for fun, natural photos!

Linda, we always enjoy spending time with you!  We are so glad that we could create some more memories of your Cape Town visit during our Kalk Bay portrait shoot.  Hopefully one day we will get to shoot you in the streets of Berlin, or Kazakstan, or Tunis or or or….

See you in December!


  • Linda Gibbs says:

    Selma and Andre are not only so talented at the art of photography, but it’s obvious they really love what they are doing ! Not only am I so proud to call them my friends but awed by their talent and passion for using photography to showcase their clients! They are super fun and really make the session and the resulting photos something to cherish forever. Thanks sooo much Selma & Andre ! You’re the best !

  • Ilse Zietsman says:

    I love these photographs. Somehow I think I can see that the three of you really know each other. It’s in Linda’s eyes, I think. Well done to you, Selma and Andre!

    • Thank you Ilse. A lot of people don’t realize that photography is not just about pretty pictures. Half the skill of taking photographs, is making your subject feel at ease in front of the camera. We try our best. ♥

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