Kommetjie Engagement Shoot

Monique & Michael

This Kommetjie engagement shoot was heaps of fun!  We love it when a couple chooses a location that is unique and special to them.

This is exactly what Monique and Michael did when they suggested the old crayfish factory at Soetwater in Kommetjie.  I think the last time I was down there was in my student days.  It was wonderful being back!

We nearly postponed Monique & Michael’s Kommetjie engagement shoot because of the wind.  It was pretty crazy, but you know what, when you have a couple who are there for the fun, then no matter the weather!

It’s very clear that Monique and Michael have a special connection to the place.  It’s also evident that they have a great love and respect for the environment.  Not only that, but these two free spirited,  carefree,  barefooted individuals are just a ball of positive energy. And I don’t think there could be two people more fitted to spend the rest of their lives together than the two of them!

We had so many laughs with Monique & Michael.  From the wind blowing Monique’s dress way up, to semi trespassing, to being on the lookout for fake Rasta gangsters with dogs!  What an adventure!  You kind of know these are good people when they kick off their flip flops and leave them on the beach before the shoot even starts! They too had to put up with our crazy ideas.  We went lurking around the back of the old crayfish factory and found some rather offbeat spots.  This is what we love about shooting in new places.  You definitely see things in a new, creative light.  And this is what excites us!

Monique and Michael,  you are such an amazing couple!  Wishing you all of the best with your wedding plans!

We certainly had a whole lot of fun with you during your Kommetjie engagement shoot, and we hope that you will treasure the memories we made together!


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