Lifestyle shoot in McGregor

A Day in the Life of Mira

 Lifestyle Shoot

A Day in the Life of Mira

What an honour it was for us to do this Lifestyle shoot for the lovely Mira of McGregor Country Getaways.  Mira is a dynamic and multi-talented young lady.  She has done so much to put the little village of McGregor on the tourism map.  Mira describes herself as a “country pumpkin hippy with a modern flair.”  She is passionate about food, people and travel.  She owns and manages a very successful business called McGregor Country Getaways.  Mira’s company offers an affordable and personal tourism marketing, property management and accommodation booking service within the Langeberg valley.  Mira also freelances on a number of local events.  She works closely within the community on several empowerment projects.  Mira is currently completing her Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Communication Science.

Mira’s “Day in the Life of” lifestyle shoot started off at 88 Long Street.

Mira loves music and teaches beginner piano lessons to young children and adults in her spare time.  What a privilege to be present during one of her lessons.  Mira is patient and kind, and she has a natural teaching flare and a wonderful way with children.


Our next port of call was quite an interesting stop.  Only in McGregor will you find a laundry with a white sign painted on a rock and a sausage dog and kitty cat to greet you enthusiastically when you arrive.



The McGregor Laundry services most of the self-catering and B&B guest houses in McGregor.  They provide permanent employment to 3 staff members of which 2 are mother and daughter.  70% of the McGregor Country Getaway properties send their bedding, towels, etc to the local laundry.  Sais Mira: ” I personally spend way too many hours a week dropping and collecting laundry! On average I probably go to the Laundromat over 10 times a week!”



Next we had a quick admin stop at the office.  Mira runs her business from a centrally located space in the main road.  We had a little glimpse into a few minutes of her day. One busy lady!  Phone calls, emails, payments and handing over keys all form part of her daily schedule.



There is a lovely little courtyard situated just behind Mira’s office.  Mira often has business meetings here over a cup of coffee.  On the day of our lifestyle shoot we captured a meeting with the lovely Annalien van der Colff from Villagers Farm Stall.



The McGregor Country Getaways Staff aka “Team Mira” is a combination of family, friends and neighbours!   Mira proudly explains: “Many of our cleaning and gardening staff are related.  We employ 17 people permanently and 10 people part time.  Our staff are efficient, reliable, trustworthy and have pride in their work.  One of our housekeeping staff’s son has recently enrolled in Music Studies at the University of Stellenbosch.  He is a talented flute and violin player.  Another housekeeper is part of the local Unistars band.  Music definitely connects us all.”

McGregor Country Getaways tries to support as many local businesses, charities and organizations as possible. They try and uplift the youth and encourage local economic development.  Where they can, their staff are trained. Their gardeners are encouraged to attend local gardening courses at the Breede skills development centre.



Mira freelances on events such as the popular Ride2Nowhere.  This is a 3 day MTB Race in September.  We met up with two of the regulars on one of the farm roads.



Mira tries to end every day with a sunset walk.  She is accompanied by her her gorgeous Mom, Panina.  They have a very close bond.  Mira had these beautiful words to say about her mom:

“Panina Weiner is the most incredible human being and mother that I know.  She is a quiet and gentle soul but strong and courageous.  My mother has inspired me to be more gentle, patient, humble and to listen more.  She is a cancer survivor and I feel blessed to have her with me everyday.

Being a single mom and raising a rather crazy daughter she did an amazing job!  She wanted me to have a different childhood.  She wanted me to be able to experience more freedom and to grow up in nature – a place that was safe where I could ride my bike on the dusty roads. Which is exactly what I did.

After moving to McGregor and attending the Waldorf School, I later began to home school.   My mom bought a beautiful Georgian House that became a school for me for the next 2 years.  I would not be the person I am today without the magical two years that were created for me during these incredible years.  I learnt to LEARN instead of being taught.  I learnt to ask questions and follow my integrity.  Skills that aren’t taught in ‘regular schools’.  Teachers and mentors gave me lessons on various subjects including important ones like Maths & English.  I even attended late night Astronomy lessons in the local Nature Reserve. As part of home-schooling we traveled overseas to Hawaii, Canada and America to other home school systems and children conferences – the most amazing opportunities and experiences of my lifetime.

Those are the years in my childhood that I fell in love with McGregor and I owe that to my mom.  At the time my mom juggled running a publishing company and a school for me! Later on when I started boarding school at St. Cyprians in Cape Town she drove through every week to collect me and take me home to my favourite place, McGregor.  My life’s journey and career path have been shaped by my beautiful mother and her wise decisions.

Panina Weiner has worked in fashion, food and publishing – a talented woman indeed!



  • Mira Weiner says:

    WOW! It is beyond AMAZING 🙂 🙂 🙂 you guys are phenomenally brilliant and I feel so privileged to have been the first for this amazing launch! You did such an awesome job to show more than just photos but an actual story in each moment that you took – I have such a beautiful life and this just reminds me how incredibly blessed I am and that each challenge is completely worth it. I am blown away!!!

    Get ready for comments, shares, likes, follows and LOADS of referals 🙂 xxxx

  • Beautiful article guys, about a beautiful person, Mira! Amazing photos capturing the very essence of what makes Mira’s life so special, McGregor so special and, of course, Mira herself!

  • Annalien says:

    I do not have words except that I knew my busy student will be a success!

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