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Rewind to a time, when in South Africa words such as ‘Covid-19,’ ‘social distancing’ and ‘lockdown’ were not even part of our vocabulary.  A time when life and love could be celebrated in beautiful places.  A time when we could pick up our cameras and create memories for our clients.  For now, this has kind of been put on hold.

The pandemic reaching our shores at the beginning of March has hit home hard.  It leaves us very uncertain about the future.  Yes, we’ll admit we are worried, but on the other hand we know there are so many such as ourselves facing the same uncertainty.  This, in a way makes it a little more bearable.  We’ve also realized that we have so much to be grateful for, and that maybe it’s the universe just saying:  “Hey, I need to reboot, and maybe you should too.”   We refuse to give up on our little business, and we believe that we will all come out stronger, more determined and with new creative zest.  We’ll be waiting for you on the other side to once again create magic!

But this post is not about us.  We just hijacked it a little because the extended LeGroome family (as they are now collectively known) and their friends have left such a lasting impression on us.

In fact I don’t even think they see their own friends as friends, but rather as family too.  From the start, it seemed fate drew us together.  Getting to know these amazing people over the 4 days of their wedding celebrations taught us so much about humankind.  It taught us that we are all different, yet the same.  It taught us so much about family values and togetherness.  It taught us that love knows no boundaries of colour or creed.  And hanging out with these guys got me thinking as to what the one thing in life is that we could not do without.  And that’s people.  What would we be without friends and family to love?  And right now, even more so.

Georgia, Leon, and all of the amazing people who celebrated with you.  We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to create these memories before the world as we know it changed.

For those of you reading this who were not there.  We spent three fabulous days with all of these lovelies leading up to the wedding day (which will have a blog post of its own.)  For now enjoy the pre wedding celebrations which were a family shoot on Seaforth beach, an evening out at the Cape Point Vineyards Thursday market, and a get together at Tigers Milk in Kalk Bay.

Much love!


  • Penny & Dave Groome says:

    Oh wow! Selma and Andre, these photographs have just blown us away! Thank you so much for your kind words about our family – you had me crying all morning! We can’t thank you enough for these stunning images of a week that was so very special to us. We also want to share that rather than adding any stress or distracting from proceedings, we found you both to be a calming presence. We really appreciated how you integrated so smoothly and discreetly with our guests – you really did become part of us. We can’t wait to see you guys again to reminisce! Stay safe and healthy. Much love and our most heartfelt gratitude ♥️

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