Majik Forest Couple Shoot

Alex & Tyron

What a lovely afternoon we spent with Alex & Tyron doing their Majik Forest couple shoot. Perfect weather, gorgeous couple, beautiful setting. Happy photographers!

Now let us tell you the story of how we met these two lovelies.  A while back we were doing a little marketing in Robertson during the Wacky Wine weekend.  We set up our stand at Rooiberg Winery wondering if amidst the wine haze, anybody would even stop by our stand.  And low and behold, we had not been there for a very long time, and this sweet couple arrived.  All clad in their winter woolies, we still thought to ourselves, what a funky duo.  We invited them in for a chat, took a photo, and they entered our competition to win a free wedding.  Over the next four days our competition box filled up.  We met loads of lovely couples, did some networking, and of course enjoyed some of Rooiberg’s lovely wines.  On returning home, we did the draw for the lucky couple who won their wedding photography for free.

But then we kind of felt a little bit bad, that so many couples had entered, but there was only one winner, so we decided to have some runners up and do a few free couple shoots.  We drew the first runner up’s name out of the box.  It had the name “Alex Christians” on.  And one guess who she was?  Yip, remember the lovely woollen clad couple who were the first to have their photo taken at our stand?  And it could not have been a lovelier couple!  During the show, we’d been uploading the photos taken of couples who visited our stand.  Alex had like our page, and she’d even used the image as her profile pic, and that’s how we put the puzzle together placing them.

We had such a fun afternoon with Alex & Tyron during their Majik Forest couple shoot.  Jumping over streams, chasing light, laughing and of course taking a few photos.  Alex and Tyron, we so enjoyed our time with you.  We wish you much love for the future.


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