Majik Forest Family Shoot

The Lewis Family

This Majik Forest family shoot was a special one indeed.  We feel so honoured when our couples return for more photo sessions as new chapters in their lives unfold.

Back in 2013 we photographed Deidre & Lloyd’s engagement shoot in Paarl.  Then a few months later it was their wedding on the West Coast.  Subsequently we’ve photographed a few family functions for them too.  Of course, we love staying connected with our couples through Facebook and Insta, so we were over the moon when little Andrew made his appearance in 2019 making the Lewis’ a little family of three.

And we were even more delighted when Deidre contacted us to do their Majik Forest family shoot.  My goodness, this little boy is just too cute!  I mean come on, those cheeks.  And that little mouth that changed into a million different expressions during our one hour shoot!

We met up at the Majik Forest – no this is not a spelling error that REALLY is how you spell it – not entirely sure why, but regardless of the spelling it is a pretty magic little spot.

The light is always great, and it’s good for little people to forage around!

Deidre & Lloyd are such natural and laid back parents.  But we would not have thought anything less.  They were exactly as chilled as they were on their wedding day.  Except for now instead of 2 they are 3!  And Andrew is the most chilled baby ever.  He was the perfect little model.   And then as if to say our time is us now up, he literally just passed out next to the dam.

Deidre and Lloyd it was so lovely photographing you guys again.  What a blessing your little boy is.  We could not be happier for you.  We loved our time spent together during your Majik Forest Family shoot!

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