Manley Wine Lodge Wedding

Eliana & Erin


This was our first Manley Wine Lodge wedding.  We love shooting weddings at new venues.  New in the sense that we have not worked there before.  Shooting somewhere new means you see the location with fresh eyes.  Your creativity is heightened and it’s exciting!  And any excuse for a little trip out into the countryside.

Eliana & Erin’s Manley Wine Lodge wedding in Tulbagh was probably on one of the hottest days of the year.  Wow!  Temperatures were soaring above 40 degrees!  But this cool couple definitely made losing a few litres of sweat totally worthwhile!

It’s not often you get to photograph a beautiful Mexican bride, well not unless you are a wedding photographer in Mexico, so we are counting ourselves lucky!  It’s also not often you get such a laid back couple who are not bothered by dated wedding traditions.  For Eliana and Erin it was all about the special people in their lives, a lot of which traveled across the globe to be with them.

Eliana and Erin’s wedding day was filled with so much love and happiness , (and a few tears during the speeches!)  Something that stood out was how loved both these two are by their respective families, and how their wedding day created so much togetherness.   Logistically it seemed almost impossible for these two ever to be together, but here they were on the most special of days.

Manley Wine Lodge is a wonderful one stop wedding venue.  There is a gorgeous little chapel, which come to think of it now could have literally been in a Mexican village somewhere.  There is a spacious venue, and ample accommodation for guests.  Throw in some beautiful scenery and you have a winning combination!

Eliana & Erin, you two are beautiful souls and we are so honoured that you chose us to photograph your beautiful Manley Wine Lodge wedding fiesta!


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