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McGregor Accommodation

McGregor Accommodation Photography

McGregor accommodation offers something for everyone.  From cute, cozy and rustic to luxurious five star.    The lovely Mira from McGregor Country Getaways commissioned us to photograph three of the cottages and homes that form part of the multitude of establishments that she manages.

How lovely to have the wonderful opportunity of heading out to the countryside to do these shoots.    There is a certain kind of magic in McGregor.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but get in touch with Mira, spend a few days here, and I promise, you will feel it too!

The first in the series of McGregor accommodation photography shoots was Bougainvillea Cottage.  This cottage holds fond memories for me as I used to visit a good friend who used to live here.  I kind of felt at home photographing this adorable garden cottage.

What I really love about this cottage, is that no matter which room you find yourself in, when you open up the custom made interior wooden window shutters, you are greeted with the greenest of views.    It feels as if the outside has come in.  I loved the random visits from guinea fowl and peacocks too.  The best place for morning coffee or late afternoon sundowners, is out in the garden.  It’s very peaceful.  Should you get to visit in the summer heat, there is a sparkling pool in which to cool down.

I love the traditional “lei water” system that is still in operation.  You literally get to enjoy the sound of your own personal water feature!

The kitchen is well equipped and tea, coffee and rusks are provided.  The bathroom has a loo with a view and a lovely big open shower.  The bedroom is gorgeous with a brass double bed.  There is nothing better than throwing open the shutters in the early morning and letting in the fresh country air while you pop back into bed with a good book and a cup of coffee.

The lounge and dining area is spacious with a lovely fireplace for cozy winter evenings.

The second establishment we photographed was the beautiful 91 Long Street.  This is not just any house.  This one has a history.  It’s a grand old lady.  A lovely original Georgian home, dating from the late 18oo’s that has been lovingly restored.

The house sleeps six people, each room with its own en-suite bathroom.  There is a downstairs lounge and dining area and a beautifully equipped kitchen with modern amenities.

The outdoor undercover patio is wonderful if it’s a little chilly, else you can spend your time down in the garden.    The vineyards and olive groves on the property make it feel almost as if you are on a little small holding.  There is an abundant birdlife too, and there were several little feathered visitors who came to say “hi” while I was there.

The best part of the house though, is to be found when you go up the wooden staircase.  I love how the original rustic wall has been incorporated in the home’s makeover.  The attic is just gorgeous.  It holds the third bedroom and bathroom.  There is a little writing corner and a spacious lounge with really comfy couches.  There is a lovely collection of books for the bookworms, or else if you are more of a couch potato, there is large flat screen television.  The views of the vineyards and surrounding mountains and village from up here are beautiful.

The third and final cottage we photographed was Ons Huisie.  It’s a traditional whitewashed thatched cottage with thick walls and stable doors.  It’s perfect for a young family.  Kids would love the upstairs attic bedroom!

The focus point of this cozy living area is the rustic indoor fireplace.

There are 2 bathroom areas, one with a shower for a quick summer cool down, the other with a bath for a more leisurely soak.

From the front of the house, there are beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.  The back garden is gorgeous.  It’s real Karoo style garden with loads of little secret spots.  There is a lovely bamboo slatted patio and braai area.  It’s also a great spot for morning coffee.  I had some company here too, when the lovely kitty from Fountain place came for a visit!


  • Mira Weiner says:

    You always do such a great job and this was no exception! Wow! Thank you for so beautifully showcasing our gorgeous country houses 🙂

  • shaun king says:

    You are an amazing photographer my Selma. Thank you for capturing the essence of our beautiful laid back historical country village. Your love of our village shows in every photograph you take. Thank you for this. 🙂

  • Linzi says:

    What gorgeous photos as always Selma! You have captured so much beauty, both natural beauty and wonderfully styled interiors! And… of course….. the best beauty of all…. Leon, from Fountain Place 🙂 what an amazing photo of him, so pleased he went to visit you while you were in McG! Lovely blog, thank you!

  • Justin & Leigh says:

    Thank you Selma for the stunning photos. McGregor is indeed a very special, relaxing place that has kept its beauty. You have helped us showcase some of the lovely cottages where visitors can spend a memorable weekend in our gorgeous village.

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