Neethlingshof Wedding

Kirsten & Jaun

Kirsten & Jaun’s Neethlingshof wedding was simply beautiful! It was good to be back after some years, and when you have such a gorgeous couple, it’s an added bonus.  When I say ‘a gorgeous couple,’ not only are Kirsten & Jaun good looking on the outside, they have beautiful souls too.  I think their lovely friends and family are testament to this too.

Who would have thought Cape Town would dish up such strange weather in February?  But so it was, that on the day of Kirsten & Jaun’s Neethlingshof wedding it was raining.  It was touch and go as to where to have the ceremony, but these guys wanted to exchange vows outdoors, and I am sure guests did not mind getting a bit of a soaking!  They say it is meant to be an added blessing to your wedding day if it rains!

And guess what, when it was time to do the couple shoot, the sun came out in all its glory.  Pretty much a perfect day for these two lovelies!

Don’t you just love Kirsten’s unique dress?  Those non-traditional veil attachments were just perfect in the wind and made for some stunning captures!

The other thing we really loved was the guest favors.  How cute are they?  Little homemade bird treats – how novel!  What a wonderful diy project by the bride and groom.  Got to love couples who love animals as much as we do!

Neethlingshof really is a stunning venue for a wedding.  That stone pine avenue is pretty spectacular, the grounds are lovely, and you have such beautiful mountain views.  We are so happy that you chose us to capture your special day Kirsten & Jaun.  Your Neethlingshof wedding day was beautiful!  Hope the images bring back all the feels for you guys!


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